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Identify your ski level

Don’t panic, it’s not a test.

By knowing your ability, you will enjoy your tailored lessons even more!

Level 1

This is your first time on skis. I personally recommend that you try a few hours on a dry ski slope or Snowdome before your trip as that will help you to make an easier start.

Level 2

You have been skiing for one or two weeks. You can turn commencing with snow plough and finishing the turn with your skis parallel. You can manage blue and green runs. A few hours on the dry ski slope is recommended to help you find your feet again on the first day.

Level 3

You can manage a turn with your skis parallel, you are confident on blue runs and have started skiing on red runs.

Level 4

You are a confident skier on blue and red runs, and have started to ski on black runs. You are starting to use the edge of your skis a little bit more and you have discovered the carving turn.

Level 5

You are a confident skier on any grade of slope. You can control the carving turn and you are beginning to ski any kind of snow (icy, wet, powder?.etc.)

Level 6

You are confident in most skiing situations. This is when we concentrate on the small details to improve your technique.

Level 7

You are confident in any situation.

From Level 3 to 6, I recommend that you run and also do a little bit of leg weights a couple of weeks before your holiday. This will help you to have good strong legs and body fitness to maximise your enjoyment of your skiing trip.

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